Ayo the Hero

ayo-the-heroclick to play Ayo the Hero

Description: Ayo the Hero at Coolmath Games: The magic sphere of life has been stolen! The King has commanded Ayo to recover it. Help him explore the dungeon and bring it back!

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Free Fred

free-fredlet me play Free Fred

Description: Use the MOUSE to aim where to shoot, while shooting is automatic. The objective is to destroy your enemies before they destroy you first.

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blosicsif you like click to play Blosics

Desciption: A great game for all fans of brick-breaking games, this time with the real physics! Choose your ball size and try to remove all bricks off the platform. Good luck! Knock down towers of green blocks in this crazy block physics game. Each shot will cost you points, so you have to plan your …

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Amigo Pancho 4

amigo-pancho-4click to play Amigo Pancho 4

description: Amigo Pancho strikes back for the fourth time! This time you’re travelling to various places around the world, starting in China! Get out of each level, using your trustworthy balloons. All you need to do is to remove obstacles that are in your way. Have fun!

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bubblenoidclick to play Bubblenoid

description: Bubblenoid – BONUSES(ball and paddle bonuses). To activate

a ball bonus, hit it with a ball before it dissappears. To activate a pad bonus, grab it with the paddle.

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Simple Math Test

simple-math-testclick to play Simple Math Test

description: Play this simple math test game which is known as mathest. Math games are basically designed to to teach math by playing games. Many kids feel that math is a dry and boring subject so they don’t take interest. But Teaching by games is something new and getting famous for its usefulness. Try this game and check your math solving abilities. If you are also a cool math online games lover try some other games as well on this website.

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Fruit Flip Match 3

fruit-flip-match-3click to play Fruit Flip Match 3

description: Fruit Flip Match 3 game is here. Swap 2 fruit and Match 3 or more of the same fruit horizontally or vertically.Fun Match 3 game with Fruit. Swap 2 neighbouring fruit and get 3 or more of the same fruit in a row (horizontally or vertically). A Zuma games …

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King Of Math

king-of-mathclick to play King Of Math

description: Defend your castle from Zombie Hordes! Answer Math Questions correctly to defeat your enemies and become the Math King! Collect gold by answering questions correctly to build your defenses, but be careful every 3 wrong answers will spawn more unruly undead!

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